Questions to Ask a Jewish Funeral Home Before Working With Them

Posted on June 22, 2020 by North Shore Memorial under Jewish Funeral Home
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When you’re conducting a search for the best Jewish funeral home in Jericho, NY, you should do more than just walk into the first Jewish funeral home you can find and trust them to provide you with services. Instead, you should call on several funeral homes and ask them a series of questions so that you can figure out if they’re going to prove to be the best fit. Read through some of the questions you should consider asking when you reach out to Jewish funeral homes below.

How long have you been in business?

Whenever you work with a Jericho, NY funeral home, Jewish or otherwise, you always want to make sure that they’re on the more experienced side. The last thing you want to do is trust an inexperienced funeral home to help you. Kick a conversation with a funeral home off by asking them how long they’ve been in business. You might also want to ask them to run you through a brief history of their funeral home so that you have a good idea of what they’re all about.

Which funeral services do you offer?

Once you’ve asked a Jewish funeral home how long they’ve been around and gotten a sense of their history, the next thing you should do is ask them to run you through the various funeral services that they can provide for you. Assuming they’re experienced, they should have a long list of services that they can extend to you and your family. If you find their funeral service options to be rather limited, you might want to go ahead and look elsewhere for assistance. You don’t want to get stuck working with a funeral home that can’t provide the specific services that you need.

Do you make it easy to follow Jewish customs?

If your family wants to follow the different Jewish customs when putting together funeral services for your loved one, you should bring that up at the beginning of your conversation with a funeral home. Just because a funeral home calls themselves a Jewish funeral home doesn’t always mean that they have the wherewithal to set your family up with the services you need to follow Jewish customs. Be prepared to get specific as you seek more information on what a funeral home will do to ensure the proper Jewish customs are followed.

What are your rates?

At some point during your initial conversation with a Jewish funeral home—probably towards the end of it—you should ask a funeral home to let you know what their rates are. This will help you gauge how much it’ll cost to work with the different funeral homes that you’re thinking about using. You won’t have to worry about blowing your budget when you work with a Jewish funeral home that can provide you with competitive prices.

At North Shore Memorial Chapel & Graveside Service, Inc., we’re ready, willing, and able to answer any questions you might have about our Jericho, NY funeral services. Reach out to us to find the answers to any questions you might have about our Jewish funeral home.

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