Tips for Preparing a Body for a Funeral at a Jewish Funeral Home

Posted on June 29, 2020 by North Shore Memorial under Jewish Funeral Home
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Jewish funeral home in Great Neck, NYBefore a Jewish person can be buried following their death, it’s very important for their body to be prepared properly. But in most cases, they will be laid to rest within just 24 hours of their death, which means that time isn’t always on a family’s side when it comes to preparing a loved one’s body for their burial. It is, therefore, important for them to follow a few key tips when preparing a body for a Jewish burial at a Jewish funeral home in Great Neck, NY. Check them out below.

The body should be taken to a Jewish funeral home quickly.

As we mentioned a moment ago, there is usually no time to spare when it comes to burying a Jewish person’s body. Therefore, it’s very important for a person’s body to be rushed to a Jewish funeral home as quickly as possible. The best Great Neck, NY funeral home for Jewish people should be able to help with the preparation process once a body arrives. But it obviously won’t be able to do anything until a family gets a body to the funeral home, so it’s important for them to spring into action right away.

The body should be uncovered and cleaned thoroughly.

After a body makes its way to a funeral home, the body will be undressed and cleaned from head to toe carefully. More often than not, this process is carried out by a volunteer from the chevra kadisha, which is a Jewish burial society. They will wipe away any blood, bodily fluids, and dirt from a person’s body and make sure they’re completely clean by purifying their body with water. They’ll also take off any jewelry that a person was wearing at the time of their death. The only thing that will be left alone is a person’s beard if they have one.

The body should be dressed in tachrichim.

In many cultures, men wear suits in their caskets at the time of their death, and women wear dresses. But this is not the case in the Jewish culture. When a Jewish person dies, they’re dressed in tachrichim, which are the traditional burial clothes. They’re very simple and straightforward burial clothes that are often white and made out of linen. Everyone is buried in the same thing to show the equality of human beings. Once a person’s body has been put into these clothes, they’ll be placed into their casket for their burial.

The body should be respected at all times.

While preparing a person’s body, the chevra will go above and beyond to ensure that it’s treated with the utmost care and respect. But just in case there was even the slightest little hint of disrespect shown, they will finish things off by asking for forgiveness from the deceased for it. That will conclude the preparation of the person’s body and allow a Jewish funeral home to get ready to hold the person’s funeral services.

Jewish funeral home in Great Neck, NY

When you trust North Shore Memorial Chapel & Graveside Service, Inc. to make Great Neck, NY funeral arrangements for your loved one, we’ll make sure it goes 100 percent according to plan. You can count on us to ensure your loved one’s body is treated with respect from start to finish. Give us a call to get started.

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